Yamaha Bike Price as per May 2022

Yamaha Bike Price May 2022

Hi all! Here is our price list for Yamaha motorcycles as per early May 2022. Price shown includes IU, Vehicle Registration Fee,  License Plate, and COE except Motor Insurance and Transfer Fee. We will assist you in the entire sales process, to place order, kindly visit our online bike shop at here.

Below is the List of Yamaha Bike Prices as per May 2022 (SGD):

Yamaha Aerox 155 ABS: $15,000.00
Yamaha D’elight 125: $14,410.00
Yamaha MT-03 ABS: $20,360.00
Yamaha MT-15: $15,750.00
Yamaha Nmax 155 ABS: $15,160.00
Yamaha Sniper T-155: $14,520.00
Yamaha Tmax 560 Tech Max: $31,470.00
Yamaha Xmax 300 ABS: $19,910.00
Yamaha YZF 155: $15,860.00
Yamaha XSR 155: $15,860.00

If you would like to find out more, kindly contact or WhatsApp us at +65 8922 5425.

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